Maybe I’ve lost my direction, or maybe I’m just following my heart…

People ask me all the time, so you’re in school right? What do you want to do with your life? Usually I satisfy them with, “yes. I’m taking business classes part time.” But, the truth is, I’m barely scraping by. It’s not that I struggle with the classes. (I actually have a great GPA). It’s that I struggle with focus. I know that it is so far from what I want to be doing with my life. It’s just something that I do to please my parents. My friends. My community. You’re told that you are nothing without school, you’ll get nowhere without a degree. But what if I want to live a simple life? In a small house on the beach while I write and work at coffee shop or a travel company. People think this is a romanticized idea that doesn’t exist, but it does. So many people are doing this while they work on their blogs, focus on the creative parts of their lives, the happier parts of themselves.

It’s entirely possible I will finish my degree someday. But today isn’t that day. Neither is tomorrow. But just because I don’t have the same career aspirations as you, doesn’t mean mine are wrong. It also doesn’t mean I lack goals. What if my goal is to try as many working visas as possible before I reach that age limit? What if I want to learn a language and then use that language every day? What if I want to see 30 countries before I’m 30? What if that’s what makes me happy? How can you tell me that a degree that I’m going to spend tens of thousands of dollars on, then never use, is the best way to be wasting my youth?

Well even if you do, I don’t agree. I want to spend it drinking beer at Oktoberfest and climbing mountains and seeing cities that most people haven’t even heard of. If I have to skip expensive coffee or not buy clothes for a year? Great. Materialism sucks anyway. I don’t want to hate on people who are doing the above, because if that’s what makes you happy, I’m happy for you. But I would like to quit being shamed for my choices. I would like to quit feeling the pressure to go to school. Even customers who come to my work say to me, “YOU ARE IN SCHOOL RIGHT,” as they sit there entirely unhappy and grumpy in their own existence after 40 years of the same desk job and that trip to Mexico they took once, or maybe they “got adventurous” and hopped over to Europe briefly. So they definitely don’t approve of my life choices. I don’t want to feel that I must validate my life to you in order to forgo the “school is important otherwise you’re nothing” lecture.

So with all that said, I’m going back to Germany to do a working visa again! And also to learn German fluently this time (hopefully). Well actually all of this is dependent on whether they let me in the country and accept my visa application. But I had to buy a plane ticket first to apply for the visa. So yeah, I’ll let you figure that one out. Basically I’m going there regardless. Because I want to spend my youth making a fool of myself in foreign languages, seeing cities in Europe, and falling in love all over again.

And why, you ask? Because I was happy in Europe. Everyday was a challenge. I could spend my day exploring the city for cute coffee shops, or browsing tickets to Spain for $100, or wandering museums for one euro on Sundays.
Wouldn’t that make you happy?

It all came together as if it were meant to be, I found a ticket for $290 Canadian to Germany (YUP), someone to buy my car, a place to stay, a job (maybe, probably, hopefully), people to replace me at work, and everything for my visa application came together in about a week, (honestly not as easy as you’d imagine, Germans LOVE paperwork). So wish me luck on the approval.
And if that doesn’t work out? Hello, Australia, Asia, or maybe even India. I’m not worried. So you shouldn’t be worried about me either. Instead, plan your ticket to come see me! 😉

Do you think I’m crazy? Do you have any dreams you could be working on right now!? Feedback welcomed below, anything from what you’d like me to write about, to city recommendations, to any advice for my trip.

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