What do I want to accomplish this year?

Recently, I discovered that if I write down a to do list for myself, I will complete it 99% of the time. And do it quickly at that. Magic, isn’t it? The requirements for the youth mobility visa were long, and time consuming, but somehow I managed to get them all done within one week of my decision to go. Or maybe that’s just how badly I wanted it.
Regardless, I am going to write down some loose plans for 2017, so that I can look back and hold myself accountable for making things happen. Just because I have no idea what I will be doing job wise, or even if I’ll be living in Europe by the end of this year, doesn’t mean I can’t set some goals for myself.

1. Start a new German class as soon as possible. I will be starting at level B1, which basically means I can easily talk about my experiences, but nothing too complicated. To be honest I feel like I know a ton of words, but I learned them all from listening, so my grammar is awful. This goal is really important to me, as I love the way German sounds. I know I will feel extremely accomplished when I become fluent (eventually), and I think it’s important to learn the language where you’re living. It is also amazing for your brain’s health. I gave it my best shot in 2013, but this time I am going to try harder.

2. Build my blog. I say this as a loose goal, as I don’t know to what extent I really mean. I just want to make sure I post 5-10 times a month. To maintain this, I will either need to write about my previous travels, or continually travel more this year. Both sound awesome. I want to do some social media courses online which will help me create a social media presence to grow the blog with. Along with that I’d like to try some website building courses, as I have NO IDEA what I’m doing when it comes to customizing my website. Like what you see at the moment? Yeah, that took me way too many hours and youtube videos.

3. In continuing with my working on the blog theme, I really want to get better at taking pictures. I don’t think I’ll ever be that person carrying around the huge DSLR camera taking a hundred photos to get just the right one. But I’d like to at least attempt to get the picture straight and in focus. My iPhone has terrible quality, so maybe I’ll have to look into something else. When I look at other blogs, I notice the pictures most often before anything. So basically, pictures make or break the post. This could be the hardest goal for me.

Serious obsession with Morocco at the moment. But how can you not want to go there?
(Photo credit: Lonely Planet)

4. Take advantage of travelling in Europe. I have some plans already, like Morocco, Italy, and Spain to start. But a place that is really calling my name is Eastern Europe; Turkey, Bosnia, Slovenia, Macedonia, to name a few. I visited Prague and Budapest in 2013, and those cities were some of my favorite places that year. They are cheap, have amazing architecture, and are completely different than Western Europe in almost every sense. The last time I was in Europe was 4 years ago, so I feel like I can visit every city I went to before and be completely amazed all over again. I also wouldn’t mind spending my birthday in a new country.

Picture from Oktoberfest in 2013.

5. Have new experiences that I can’t have anywhere else. Obviously, I have already been to Oktoberfest and I will be attending again. But those are the types of experiences I am talking about. Festivals or events that are unique to the country they’re from. Something I’ve wanted to do since I saw pictures of it, was ride a hot air balloon in Cappadocia, Turkey. Or maybe this weird tomato festival in Spain. But basically the idea is to take full advantage of life abroad.

(Photo credit: Viator and Pinterest)

6. Focus on my health. Yes, it’s true that I eat extremely healthy. (mostly) But every other part of my health is off. I don’t exercise. I don’t deal with personal conflict. I don’t go to the doctor or the dentist, ever. My mental health has been up and down for years.
This year I’d really like to take some time for yoga, journalling, or whatever my mental or physical health requires. At risk of sounding like a hippy, oh wait too late, I’m going to listen to what my body needs.
I am good at doing these sort of things in spurts. I wrote journals for four years. But I find that every time I get into a relationship I lose myself, I don’t value my alone time, and I don’t have direction in what I want to accomplish personally. This year I am not going to let anything consume my time like that, because I have learned how valuable that time really is and how quickly it passes.

The theme here seems to be travel a lot and personal development, which I’m completely okay with. I admit I am starting a bit late in the year, but I kicked off 2017 with a trip to Vietnam and Cambodia! I’ll be posting about this trip very soon. Please comment below anything specific you’d like to me include about my Asia trip. 

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