The Chief, Squamish BC and Ta Prohm, Cambodia

That’s me: Emily Bitz. Just another 20-something with no idea what to do with her life.

Over the past few years I have managed to force myself through enough classes to receive a business diploma. I did all my schooling near Vancouver, as I grew up in a suburb of it. I tried many things, from marketing to journalism to hospitality. Despite that, I can’t see myself finishing a degree, but you never know. Yeah, I hate school. I was just trying to blend in with everybody else. Or maybe I just haven’t found what I’m good at yet.

I’ve considered becoming a nutritionist, English teacher, flight attendant, translator, writer, and about 600 other things. Most of these solely because they allow you to travel… so I plan to decide a bit longer.

I had a pretty normal upbringing. One sister, two cats, divorced parents. Oh wait, throw in a half brother, step sister, step dad, more cats. Okay it got complicated in my teen years. I had baseball games on the weekend and hung out with my friends at the mall, just like most kids in suburbia. That being said, I also spent 90% of my time reading books, they were my escape. I would go to the library and check out 10 books and have read them in two weeks. So it’s safe to say I was a bit of a homebody. We went on a few vacations as a kid, mostly to places like Mexico or Disneyland. But my favorite was always Osoyoos, where I grew up going every summer. I have the best memories from that town. I’ve always been a beach person. My point is that I had friends, but I was very introverted and shy, and never felt like I fit in, even in my own family. I think that’s what drove me to travel. At least part of it anyways.

Antigua, Guatemala and Diez Vistas, Coquitlam, BC

But for the fun stuff, why you’re here, I lived in Munich in 2013 as an au pair. I was the kid nobody thought would ever do anything crazy. I was shy, unadventurous, and scared of EVERYTHING. I didn’t even get my ears pierced until I was 14. One summer I literally refused to leave the trailer while camping because there were too many bees.

But really, Germany changed me. A lot. After that, I backpacked in Central America for 3 months by myself, from Mexico down to Costa Rica. The number one question I got was, “you’re not doing that by yourself, RIGHT?” But I was. And I think a part of me was happy that I impressed people with something I found so easy. I didn’t get scared, it gave me energy. It only made me crave further, more adventurous destinations.

But, over the past year I stuck closer to home, discovering places like Portland, New York, San Fransisco, and Philadelphia. Again, trying to force myself to fit in, through school and a normal job. Then on my most recent trip to Asia, I went to Vietnam and Cambodia. When I got back, it amazed me that people found that brave. Exotic. I didn’t feel out of place at all, it just made me want to leave again. The people I met traveling there resonated with me more than anybody at home. Just like every time I went away.

I immersed myself daily in the world of travel blogs for years, imagining that their lives could become mine. I knew those were my kind of people. But I didn’t know how I could do that too. I always wanted to have a travel blog. Actually, I had a really awful looking one in 2013 that people seemed to love. I never thought I was good enough to take it seriously. People don’t really want to read what I have to say, do they? But this time I’m going to attempt it until I fail.

On that trip I took to Asia I decided, you know what? Where was I the most happy? Germany, duh. I had freedom to travel Europe for $100 round trip flights, the choice to drink beer for a euro in a beautiful park, and learn a language that I found fascinating. So I applied for another working visa and off I go back to Munich, where I hope to become fluent in German (haha) and spend a lot of time discovering the parts of Europe I never saw before. (Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Bosnia, Slovenia, just to name a few).

Other than traveling, I enjoy snowboarding, reading, watching documentaries, writing, browsing travel blogs, hiking, baking, and learning about nutrition.
Some ideas I have for the future are to travel to India for an extended period of time, do my working holiday in Australia before I’m too old, buy a B&B on the ocean in Nicaragua, work on a cruise ship, and profit from my blog. Obviously this is just a starter list, because I have too many dreams to sum it up like that. But I find it hard to pick just one, as I find my mind changes almost daily and there are so many places to see. Right now I am happy writing and working wherever I can find work, as long as it’s in a foreign country, and I get to explore and challenge myself every day.

Picture above from Sao Beach on Phu Quoc, Vietnam

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London, England and New York City, New York

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